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Amphibious vehicle

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4102292.

An amphibious vehicle for travel in water or on land with transversely spaced power driven buoyant drums fore and aft of the vehicle and intermediate buoyant idler drums likewise transversely spaced around which are reeved spaced flexible endless belt traction apparatus formed with buoyant cross tread such as elongated transversely mounted pneumatic tires or gas filled tubes to provide driving traction in the manner of a crawler type tractor. Also, a single steering control and system for directional control of the vehicle in water or on all forms of terrain surfaces is devised and power from a Diesel-Generator system is transmitted to an electric motor to drive the respective buoyant power drums at either the fore or aft end of the vehicle in each respective spaced belt or track. Such drive arrangement of the respective drums maintains tautness in the belt and reduces tensile load on the traction belts reeved over the midmounted buoyant idler drums between the respective fore and aft buoyant power drums when the power drums are selectively driven in either a forward or a reverse direction.

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