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Cylindrical wound brush

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4099287.

The illustrative apparatus employs a bristle-feeding or picker wheel positioned with its axis generally normal to the axis of the brush core and so that the rim of one part of the wheel is disposed in a plane generally tangential to the cord being wound on the brush core in the portion thereof first entering upon or engaging the brush core, another portion of the wheel feeding bristles continuously between such entering cord portion and the last laid complete convolution of cord on the core. The bristle binding cord or cords are fed to the bristle applying zone over an idle guide roller which is mounted for free rotation on a rope guide plate indpendent of the picker wheel. Such guide plate and the guide roller mounted thereon are adjustable toward and away from the vertical longitudinal plane containing the axis of the brush core in either direction from coincidence of the axis with such vertical longitudinal plane.

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