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Warehousing system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4093086.

A warehousing system which comprehends an arrangement of a predetermined number of axially parallel storage racks defining access aisles therebetween which are alternatingly for supply and picking purposes. Each rack comprises tiered compartments having open input ends upon the supply aisles and open discharge ends upon the picking aisles. Said racks are bounded at their opposite ends by a truck dock and a traffic flow floor zone continuous with a railway siding. A first merchandise inbound conveyor, axially perpendicular to the racks, is located above the railway siding, and a second such inbound conveyor axially parallel to the racks is along one side of the assemblage thereof. An outbound conveyor, axially perpendicular to the racks, extends above the truck dock and communicates with each picking aisle by conveyor extensions. First mobile load handling units transmit merchandise to the inbound conveyors and therefrom to the racks via the supply aisles, and also transfer loads to transporting vehicles from the outbound conveyor. Second mobile units carry preselected, "picked" merchandise from the storage compartment discharge ends along picking aisles to the related conveyor extensions.

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