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Very high torque ratchet wrench

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4091890.

The high-torque ratchet wrench comprises two parallel side plates. Each plate has at one end thereof a bore. An annular ratchet wheel and a cooperating pawl are operatively disposed between the plates. The ratchet wheel defines a socket and carries a plurality of angularly-spaced teeth. A hub laterally extends from each side of the wheel. The hubs are rotatably mounted in the bores of the plates. The pawl has a head end portion which is pivotable about a pivot axis. A pivot pin including the pivot axis transversely extends between the plates for pivotally mounting the pawl between the plates. A pawl arm extends radially from the pivot pin relative to the wheel. The free end of the pawl is formed with a laterally extending segment relative to the wheel. The pawl segment has teeth on its side edge adapted to mesh with the ratchet wheel teeth. The pawl segment is adapted to receive from the pawl arm a radial force, which urges the pawl teeth to engage with the ratchet wheel teeth, and a tangential force which rotates the ratchet wheel.

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