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Stamping and cutting die-set with interchangeable die-plates

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4086837.

A stamping and cutting die-set having exchangeable die plates consisting of an upper and a lower part connected by means of guides and serving to secure at least one cutting die locked by means of at least one clamping system.Two centering pins (3) with conical tips (3a) pointing to the interior of the die-set are located no less than two each in the upper and lower parts (11,1) so as to be displaceable inside boreholes (13a) extending normally to the plane of the plates, these pins each being loaded by strong springs (5), and the tips (3a) of these pins projecting towards the inside of the die-set when the die-plates (2,21) are removed. The die-plates are provided with correspondingly designed hollowconical recesses (4) which are entered by tips (3a) of centering pins (3), which are pre-loaded, after die plates (2,21) are locked by means of clamping system (6,7).

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