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Toy vehicle and toy vehicle game

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4079938.

A toy vehicle is provided for use in a toy vehicle game including an endless track defining at least two parallely extending vehicle lanes in which two or more toy vehicles are adapted to be operated. The toy vehicles each include a reversible rotary drive motor and a transmission operatively engaged between the motor and two drive wheels for rotating one or the other of the drive wheels in response to the direction of rotation of the drive motor, thereby biasing the car against one or the other of the side walls of the track to guide the vehicle along its path of travel in one or the other of the lanes. The track includes electrical contact strips which supply power to the drive motor of the vehicles through current collectors mounted thereon. A control system permits the operators to separately and independently control current to the contact strips and also to selectively reverse the polarity of the current so that the operators can vary the speed of their associated vehicles and cause the vehicles to move from one lane to the other. In one form of the invention an additional toy vehicle operated as a drone car at constant speed is provided presenting an obstacle along the track which the players must pass by properly controlling their respective toy vehicles.

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