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Shelving system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4079678.

The invention relates to a shelving system which has at least two elongated corner posts, each post being adapted to assume a vertically upright position and each post being horizontally spaced from the other posts. The system also includes at least one shelving unit having at least two corners, the shelving unit being adapted to be mounted in a generally horizontal attitude between the posts with respective corners of the shelving unit being adjacent respective corner posts. In accordance with the invention, each post comprises a plurality of sets of holding means, the sets being spaced along the length of said posts. Each shelving unit has at the corners thereof, mating holding means for matingly engaging with selected ones of the holding means at its respective corner posts. Thus, the shelving unit can be detachably and holdingly mounted on said corner posts at different positions thereof. The holding means can be indentations in the posts, and the mating holding means protrusions on collars, which fit around the posts and are located at the respective corners of the shelving units. The invention also relates to a shelving unit for the shelving system.

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