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Screw extruder

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4078454.

A screw extruder for molding plastics material having an extruding means mounted on a column standing on a pedestal: the extruding means consisting of a prime mover; an extruding unit, separated from the prime mover, having a screw unit equipped with a screw and a speed reduction unit composed of a planetary gear which transmits power to the screw unit, the reduction unit having an input shaft and output shaft aligned with the screw in turn, the output shaft being formed with a piercing hole extending therethrough, and the input shaft being formed with a piercing hole extending therethrough and communicating with the hole of the output shaft; and a transmission assembly for transmitting power from the prime mover to the reduction unit. The extruder is stable free from troubles such as turning over during the operation and transportation thereof and is easy to remove the screw from the screw unit in order to clean the inside thereof.

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