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Dual tire cutting machine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4072072.

A device is provided which permits the simultaneous cutting or bisecting of a plurality of tires. Large, vertically mounted, circumferentially slotted wheels each adapted to receive a circular cutting blade in each slot, receive the tires. The cutting blades are mounted overhead on a shaft which traverses a pivotally mounted beam which is raised and lowered by a piston. A brake is provided for engaging the tread of the tire, and tensioning means engages the lower rim of the tire to exert a downward pressure when the overhead beam is lowered. Turning power is provided to the cutting blades by means of belts or chains which connect a motive source with the shaft on which the blades are mounted. Collars on either side of the cutting blades engage the tire tread when the blades are lowered to turn the tire. A plurality of slots and corresponding cutting blades can be provided for each wheel with spacers to determine the width of sections cut from the tire. The wheels themselves are slightly tapered at their surface and the slots widen outward toward the center of the wheel to avoid binding.

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