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Amusement ride

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4066256.

A relatively inexpensive and compact ride for an amusement park and the like, which creates the illusion that the passengers are seated in a rapidly maneuvering vehicle, by applying forces to the passenger in synchronism with the display of a motion picture image. The apparatus includes a passenger-holding frame which has three locations resting on hydraulic rams that can tilt the frame or move it up and down, and a film projector and viewing screen connected to the frame to move with it. When the motion picture simulates the view from a vehicle that is turning to the right, the rams are operated to tilt the vehicle to the left, to simulate the centrifugal forces that would result from a vehicle turning to the right. When the motion picture indicates forward acceleration, the vehicle is tipped backwardly. When the motion picture indicates vertical acceleration, the rams are rapidly moved up or down.

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