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Comfort cushion for infants

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4066072.

A comfort cushion for infants comprising in combination a fluid filled flexible elastic hermetically sealed infant supporting mattress; a pulsating fluid pump means having mattress inlet and outlet fluid conducting conduits communicating between the pump means and the mattress for circulating a substantially non-compressible fluid through the mattress; and an infant heart beat and breathing alarm means having sensor means embedded in a mattress infant supporting surface for actuating an alarm means external to the mattress if an infant supported on the mattress were to stop breathing or its heart were to stop beating or if either breathing or heart beat were to change such as to indicate peril to the infant. The mattress inlet conduit has a pressure activated valve within the mattress which opens at a pre-selected fluid flow pressure and closes upon the pressure dropping below a lower pre-selected pressure to simulate sounds and fluid movement conditions a pre-born infant experiences.

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