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Apparatus for providing flow of electrolyte through electrolytic cells

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4065375.

An electrode system is disclosed which comprises a vessel having an ion-permeable wall; a current feeder within said vessel spaced apart from said ion-permeable wall; and a plurality of electrically conductive particles free to move within a region between the current feeder and the ion-permeable wall and constituting, in use, a particulate electrode. The vessel incorporates at the base thereof a flow distributor such that, when the electrode system is in use, a fluid discharged into the vessel through the flow distributor debouches into the vessel in a direction away from the ion-permeable wall towards one or more surfaces in, or forming part of, the vessel and is deflected by said one or more surfaces towards the ion-permeable wall. An electrochemical cell and electrochemical process using such an electrode system are also disclosed.

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