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Supply bin and feeder system combination for textile cops or pirns

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4063635.

To permit single-basket conveyor transport of textile cops from a supply bin holding a number of cops, without damage to the thread wound on the cops upon removal of an individual cop and introduction into the conveyor, the supply bin is constructed such that at least a portion of the bottom thereof is inclined forwardly towards a removal opening leading to the conveyor, and includes a movable base plate which is mounted for movement between a feed position in which the base plate is inclined towards the opening and a re-supply position in which the movable portion is inclined upwardly and away from the removal opening; an ejector is provided having a movable ejector element and occupying a space at least approximately the size of the geometric outline of a cop, the ejector element pushing against the cop and pushing the selected cop for removal through the removal opening against a spring-loaded flap, the ejector element, due to its size, blocking contact between the cop being ejected and a next adjacent cop, while permitting feeding a next following cop into removal position upon withdrawal of the ejector element, preferably downwardly and below the bottom of the inclined portion of the supply bin.

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