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Apparatus for sewing rings, buckles and the like elements onto tape

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4046088.

Apparatus for forming components of shoulder straps for ladies garments including tapes with either a buckle or a ring sewn onto one end. The apparatus allows the sewing to be performed with a non-linear seam, by means of a sewing machine of the type which moves its bed and sewing foot through a predetermined path while sewing is being performed by a needle. The apparatus includes a special holding device for the ring or buckle element which allows this movement to occur, the holding device including a main body part and a holding part, the holding part having clamping means for the element. The body part is movable to suitably position the holding part firstly in a position to receive an element from a magazine and secondly in the sewing position. The holding part and body part have interengaging sliding surfaces allowing movement of the holding part relative to the body part in a plane parallel to those parts of the tape clamped by the sewing foot and bed when the body part is in the sewing position, and the body part includes releasable locking means for locking the holding part firmly in the body part during transfer of an element from the magazine to the holding part, and during movement of the device to the sewing position. The locking means are releasable so that the holding part is free to move with the tape being sewn, during sewing.

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