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Apparatus and method for indication and measurement of simulated emotional levels

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #4041617.

Adjustment dials are attached to adjustable sources of physical force interpretable by the dials as positive and negative decisional influences. One or more of the physical forces are measured by one or more emotional level indicators which also display type or polarity of emotion based on a comparison between the forces provided by comparing apparatus. The comparing apparatus also drives a decision indicator.The apparatus disclosed in detail is alternatively of electronic, fluidic, and mechanical nature. Emotions measured are Emotional Tension, Bad-Good Feelings, Guilt-Pride, and Like-Dislike. Subjective and objective disagreement indications are also derived. The apparatus may be used for simulating interpersonal relationships. A Contrary-Agreeable Attitude selector switch is incorporated in a perceptual processing circuit for use in such apparatus.

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