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Apparatus for walking on water or land

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4037280.

A pair of so called water shoes includes two members of mirror-symmetrical shape relative to a central, longitudinal plane. Each member or rather shoe includes a substantially vertically arranged floatation body for buoyancy and a substantially horizontally arranged floatation body for stabilization. The two floatation bodies of a shoe are connected to each other substantially at a right angle. In addition, each shoe is provided with paddles at least one of which operates as a standing foot when the shoes are used on land. The paddles are hinged to the underside, preferably of the horizontally extending floatation body so that they may flap into a retracted position when the particular shoe is pulled through the water in a forward direction and so that the paddles may increase the effective surface of the shoe when the latter is pushed in a rearward direction. The total buoyancy of each shoe may be variable relative to the weight of the person wearing the shoes.

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