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Apparatus for manoeuvring aircraft

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4033422.

An aircraft handler for manoeuvring aircraft fitted with skids comprises a self-propelled frame having at least two coaxial wheels, a drive motor for the wheels and a jacking system for engagement with a strong point on the underside of the aircraft structure. The frame is provided with a steering arm which extends rigidly from one end of the frame and includes at its end remote from the frame controls for the driving motor and jacking system whereby an operator can move the arm to steer the frame while having access to the controls for the driving motor and jacking system. The handler is used in combination with a wheel assembly for attachment to the rear ends of the skids of the aircraft and when the jacking system is engaged with the strong point on the aircraft and operated to raise the aircraft, the aircraft is then supported by the wheels at the ends of the skids and by the self-propelled frame which, under the steering control of the arm is fully manoeuvrable. The frame preferably includes electric batteries for supplying power both for driving and for the jacking system so as to constitute a self-contained unit, but it is also possible for the power to be drawn from an external source by way of a detachable electric lead.

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