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Neck-down bottle packing grid

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4033095.

A neck-down bottle packing grid which eliminates glass to metal contact between the packing apparatus and the glass bottles which includes a plurality of partitions extending approximately parallel with respect to one another having guiding blocks, deflectors or doghouses of nylon or some other soft material equally spaced along the upper edges thereof, these deflectors being fixedly mounted upon deflector or doghouse mounts firmly secured to the upper edge of the partitions, also including a plurality of finger blocks extending downwardly on both sides of the partitions below each doghouse location, the finger blocks including two outwardly facing guide surfaces which taper downwardly and obliquely outwardly away from the partitions to define in combination with adjacent partition and guide surfaces a plurality of bottle receiving cells for sorting the downwardly moving bottles into an array for direct placement into a case or the like, in order to prevent glass to metal contact a plurality of covers of soft material are secured upon the guide surfaces of the finger mounting blocks and a plurality of inserts of soft material are positioned above the upper edges of each section of the partitions.

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