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Catoptric system for simultaneous concentration of light, laser, and other type paraxial rays into beams

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4031384.

A light concentrator of paraxial rays emanating from at least one point source and/or of multidirectionally dispersed rays, employing at least two confocal warped shells generated by the revolution of a conic section, has in a preferred embodiment two truncated confocal paraboloids, an outer of a larger dimension and an inner of a smaller dimension, mounted about a common axis with their vertices in line on one side of the common focal point of their surfaces. The inner face of the outer shell and the outer face of the inner shell are developed at least over selected portions thereof as reflectors. The vertex of the outer shell has an exit orifice for the passing of a concentrated beam therethrough, said beam originating in unconcentrated form from an area spaced opposite from the open ends of the paraboloids.The direction of paraxial rays from the source, the arrangement of the confocal warped shells, and the angles of the reflectors are correlated into a multiple reflection system to produce the desired concentration and emission of a high-intensity beam through the vertex of the outer shell.A paraxial ray reflected from the interior face of the outer paraboloid toward its focal point, impinges on the exterior face of the inner paraboloid, having the same focal point, and is reflected from there parallel to the direction of the original light ray and the common axis of the two paraboloids in continuous or stepwise successive reflections, whereby the light intensity of each ray contributes to the light intensity of the resultant common beam.

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