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Method and apparatus for cleaning the surface of a semiconductor slice with a liquid spray of de-ionized water

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4027686.

Method and apparatus for cleaning the surface of a slice of semiconductor material through the use of a liquid spray, wherein the liquid spray is delivered at an angle to the exposed surface of a rotating semiconductor slice at a controlled pressure and velocity, and strikes the surface of the semiconductor slice substantially along a linear path coinciding with the diameter of the slice. The apparatus includes an upstanding pedestal having a slice-supporting surface on which the slice of semiconductor material to be cleaned is disposed. The pedestal is mounted within a housing which includes a motor for imparting rotation to the pedestal and a vacuum pump for inducing a suction in openings provided in the slice-supporting surface of the pedestal so as to retain the slice in place when rotary movement is imparted thereto. A spray nozzle for delivering a flat fan-shaped spray pattern is disposed within the housing, the spray nozzle being positioned above the level of the slice-supporting surface for dispensing a liquid spray onto the exposed surface of the slice positioned thereon. The housing is also provided with a transparent dome-shaped cover overlying the upstanding pedestal and the spray nozzle to define a cleaning chamber. The cover in its closed position completes an electric circuit operating the motor and the vacuum pump to impart rotation to the pedestal and to retain the semiconductor slice upon the surface of the pedestal by inducing suction in the openings provided therein. De-ionized water is delivered from the spray nozzle as a liquid spray to the surface of the semiconductor slice at a high pressure and velocity to produce a corona discharge for effecting a cleaning operation of the exposed surface of the semiconductor slice wherein particulate surface debris of a particle size smaller than the width of the theoretically determined dead space layer associated with the exposed slice surface is removed therefrom.

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