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Motor vehicle with tiltable headlamps

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4027149.

A motor vehicle has a pair of vertically tiltable headlamps mounted on the vehicle body. An elongate rod extends horizontally between the two headlamps and is slidable in bushes fixed to the motor vehicle body. The elongate rod is connected at its respective ends to the headlamps by way of respective pairs of links disposed on opposite sides of the rod. One link of each pair is pivotally connected between the rod and the respective headlamp whilst the other rod of each pair is pivotally connected between the rod and the body. Movement of the rod effects simultaneous movement of the headlamps and is effected by a mechanical/hydraulic system linked to a rear axle housing and an engine of the motor vehicle so that headlamp tilting occurs to compensate for tilting of the body under changing conditions of load, acceleration and braking.

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