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Fishing line release mechanism

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4015362.

A fishing line release mechanism has a permanent magnet positioned within a housing with the poles of the magnet arranged to draw a magnetic tripping member into the housing through an opening in which the tripping member is positioned. The tripping member includes at least one belaying pin which is arranged with its axis across the opening in the housing when the member is in a position where it is near, or in contact with, the permanent magnet. When sufficient tension is applied to a fishing line wrapped around the belaying pin at the time the tripping member is closest to the permanent magnet, the member is pulled away from the magnet and the axis of the belaying pin is lined up with the direction of pull of the fishing line to release the line over the free end of the pin. The release mechanism may include means for variably positioning the magnet with respect to the tripping member as well as a line guide through which a line may be drawn to the belaying pin or pins.

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