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Phonograph record storage and protection apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4013296.

A phonograph record is provided with a ring on its rim, the ring being of greater thickness than the record and extending outwardly from both faces of the record to protect the grooved record face from adjacent records on a record player, and when the records are stored in a stack or a rack. Generally radial ribs are spaced circumferentially apart on the opposite faces of the ring to prevent relative rotation of stacked records on a turn table. A gap is formed in the ring and is spanned by an outwardly arched band, the arching of the band being decreased as the ring expands to accommodate records of increasing diameter. A novel record storage is provided by suspending the records from hooks, or the like, which receive the arched bands, and if desired eyes may be formed integrally with the bands in order to more conveniently suspend the records in facially opposed relationship.

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