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Aspirator jar

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4013076.

Medical suction apparatus for the collection of aspirated body fluid comprising a transparent, cylindrical container or jar having a mouth and a lid or closure which fits snugly over the mouth and which can be interlocked therewith by means of a locking bead on the peripheral edge of the container. A pair of upwardly extending nipples are molded integrally with the lid forming tubes therethrough, one nipple serving as a fluid inlet and the other acting as a vacuum conduit. A splash deflector chute is attached to the internal end of the fluid inlet tube to direct fluid toward the side of the container. A float-valve is connected to the inner end of the vacuum conduit to prevent passage of fluid into the vacuum line after the container is full.The lid carries relief valve means for venting to the atmosphere when internal pressure drops to a predetermined level and the lid can be fitted with a vacuum line filter to prevent passage of entrained effluent into the vacuum system. The lid is provided with means for mounting a flexible plastic bag which extends downward into the container and is positioned to receive and retain the fluid effluent from the inlet port, thus providing a disposable flexible container and allowing for reuse of the rigid container.

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