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Continuous web supply system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3995791.

A system for supplying moving web to a web-consuming utilization device, from successively used rolls of web, includes a splicer for splicing the expiring end of a dispensing roll to the beginning end of a ready roll. Between the splicer and the utilization device is a festooner or other web storage device which pays out web before and during operation of the splicer to momentarily stop movement of web through the splicer during splicer operation without effecting the rate of web feed to the utilization device. The web storage device is mechanically driven in the pay out phase of its cycle so that the amount of web paid out follows a fixed web paid out versus drive member displacement schedule, and its operation is positively coordinated with the operation of the splicer and the utilization device to assure the web is stopped in the splicer when the splicer operates, to cause the splice to occur at a desired point along one unit length of the web as consumed by the utilization device, and to enable, when the webs carry repetitively printed patterns, the registration of the pattern of the dispensing roll with the pattern of the ready roll. A web tension control maintains a constant tension in the dispensed web during normal dispensing and brakes the dispensing roll to a stop in the course of a splicing cycle. Means are also provided to facilitate the removal of a spent roll, the installation of a fresh roll, and the setting up of the splicer to splice in the fresh roll during its next operation. The system is useful for example for supplying web to machines for wrapping and packaging sticks of chewing gum or other similar small articles.

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