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Polyphthalocyanines prepared from N,N-bis(3,4-dicyanophenyl) alkanediamides

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #3993631.

N,N'-bis(3,4-dicyanophenyl) alkanediamides of the general formula: ##SPC1##Wherein R = (CH.sub.2).sub.n.sub.-2 and (CH.sub.2).sub.x CH(CH.sub.3)(CH.sub. 2).sub.y ; n = 3 to 20; x = 1 to 8; and y = 1 to 8, prepared by reacting 4-aminophthalonitrile with a saturated aliphatic dicarboxylic acid halide. These dinitriles readily polymerize through heating by themselves or with a metal or with a salt to form polyphthalocyanine resins, of the infinite molecular weight type which are useful as coatings, laminates, adhesives, filament windings, and castings. The general formulas for these polyphthalocyanine resins are: ##SPC2## ##SPC3##Wherein R = (CH.sub.2).sub.n.sub.-2 and (CH.sub.2).sub.x CH(CH.sub.3)(CH.sub.2).sub.y ; n = 3 to 20; x = 1 to 8; and y = 1 to 8.

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