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Patient ventilator trigger circuit

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #3991790.

Disclosed herein is a patient ventilator apparatus having a pneumatic control system operable in three different modes wherein the apparatus assists the breathing of the patient, controls the patient's breathing in a timed manner, or operates in a combination assist/control mode according to certain predetermined conditions. Fluidic circuitry controls a valved bellows apparatus, which in turn supplies air to a patient subject to limitations of time, volume, and pressure, wherein the gas supplied to the bellows comprises an adjustable oxygen/air mixture. Fluidic timers are provided for use in the control mode of the circuitry, and identical fluidic circuitry combinations are provided for use in the assist mode to automatically trigger the ventilator apparatus into an inspiratory state according to the patient's breathing requirements and to trigger such apparatus into an exhalation state when a predetermined inspiratory pressure is attained.

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