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Kennel, circular facility

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #3991717.

This patent applies to a kennel which incorporates a number of wedge-shaped partially covered enclosures, annularly disposed in an outer ring and inner ring separated by covered corridors.It incorporates a series of gutters for waste removal which resists the spread of disease by means of an overhanging splash-inhibiting lip. It includes a number of compartment walls, each extending beyond the run and over the top to prevent animals from sniffing each other or coming in contact with each other, thereby inhibiting the spread of airborne and body waste diseases. A carefully designed airflow system, compatible with radiant floor heating, resists cross-contamination of animals from inadvertent intermixing of air; vents and ultraviolet lamp exposure assures purging and purification of compartment air. A special feeder and waterer system allows servicing of animals without the need for attendant to enter the cages or enclosures; positioning control of animals is achieved by a four-way door manually actuated with attendant and facility needs.

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