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Bipartite box and blank for manufacturing the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #3987955.

A bipartite box as well as a blank for manufacturing the same. The box has an outer tubular guide and an inner container surrounded by the tubular guide and supported and guided for movement by the latter. The tubular guide has one open end and at an opposed end a tear strip which at least initially extends across this opposed end of the tubular guide, the tear strip having opposed edges one of which is connected with a wall of the tubular guide and the other of which is connected with an end wall of the inner container. The blank for the inner container as well as the outer tubular guide consists of a single body of sheet material having the portions which respectively form the inner container and the outer tubular guide interconnected by the tear strip. When the box is manufactured the tear strip can be removed immediately after the box is formed, even prior to filling of the inner container, or the inner container may first be filled and then closed while the tear strip remains connected with the container and the tubular guide therefor, so that the inner container will be released for movement with respect to the tubular guide only upon removal of the tear strip. Thus in this case removal of the gear strip will enable the inner container to be displaced with respect to the tubular guide to give access to the material in the inner container.

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