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Closed draw transfer system with gaseous pressure direction of web

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #3981084.

A paper making apparatus and process of the type wherein the paper is processed from a starting condition of a slurry of pulp fiber to a later condition of a continuous self-sustaining paper sheet. The paper is carried continuously along a preselected path of travel extending from the starting condition to the later condition and for processing the paper as it is being carried. The path of travel normally includes a plurality of pairs of contacting members, including a forming wire and a pick-up felt, a pick-up felt and a bottom felt, and a pick-up felt and Yankee dryer, such contacting members processing the paper. The paper is passed through each nip defined by each of the contacting members and continues along its desired path of travel. Air pressure is applied on the discharge side or outgoing side of one or more of the nips defined between the sets of contacting members. The air pressure is applied in a direction which causes the paper to remain in the desired path of travel and to avoid deviation thereof from the desired path of travel.

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