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Plaque jack toothbrush

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3978852.

A powered toothbrush cleans teeth and related embrasures by mechanically driving a small tuft of brush elements axially against the tooth surfaces to remove plaque and into and through the embrasures to push out food particles from the embrasures.The brush elements in the tuft have a length, texture, density, configuration and/or taper which enable the brush elements (particularly in the central part of the tuft) to penetrate directly into and through the embrasures while retaining sufficient flexibility (particularly on the periphery of the tuft) to effectively scour plaque from both convex and concave tooth surfaces as these brush elements are deflected toward lateral movement along the tooth surfaces by inward driving movement of the brush elements against the tooth surfaces.The tuft configuration and construction and the axial driving movement of the tuft enable the toothbrush to clean all normal tooth embrasures, regardless of the inclination of the brush handle between verticle and horizontal attitudes; and the size and shape of the tuft enable the brush to be effectively used to clean not only embrasures such as exist between adjacent teeth at the gum line but also crevices in tooth surfaces, the gingival (gum) cuff of both normal and diseased gums, the spaces between orthodontic applicances and teeth, the embrasures existing between bridgework and gums and such normally hard to clean spaces and surfaces as the embrasures between the roots of a tooth resulting from periodontal (gum) surgery.

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