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Heat exchange system and method and control device therefor having motion feedback means

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #3973619.

A heat exchange system having a source of heat exchange output fluid for effecting a heat exchange function and having a source of return fluid resulting from the output fluid providing its heat exchange function. A thermally operated element controls the amount of flow of the output fluid from the source in relation to the temperature of the thermally operated element. A sensing device senses the temperature effect of the heat exchange function in relation to a predetermined temperature that the heat exchange system is to provide, the sensing device directing one of the output fluid and the return fluid to the thermally operated element to cause the same to change the amount of flow of the output fluid when the temperature effect deviates from the predetermined temperature a certain amount whereby the thermally responsive element is subject to a relatively wide swing in temperature for large control movement thereof in relation to a relatively narrow swing in temperature at the sensing device. A motion feedback arrangement is controlled by the thermally operated element and is operatively associated with the sensing device to provide for modular operation of the thermally operated element.

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