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Orientation of cant for translatory feed through edging cutters

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #3970128.

A cant extending transversely across parallel belt conveyors moving in unison is carried forwardly by them to a scanning station at which the cant is arrested by engaging it at two points on its leading edge. The points of engagement define a reference line on the cant and a coinciding fixed datum line. After scanning, the cant is released to resume forward movement towards an orienting station at which the same two points on it are engaged by orienting stops adjusted to distances from the datum line that are determined by calculations based on scanning data. As arrested and oriented by the orienting stops, the cant is transferred to a roller conveyor that has bodily vertical motion relative to the belt conveyors. The roller conveyor translates the cant, in a direction transverse to the belt conveyor stretches, through edging cutters.

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