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Insulated glass panel

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3965638.

An insulated glass panel has a frame and spacer structure which prevents foreign matter and moisture from entering between spaced panes while affording low-cost manufacture and repair. The spacer has a pair of opposed recesses mounting beads of resiliently deformable cured elastomeric material, and the beads are compressed against the spacer by the frame which surrounds the periphery of the panes. In certain embodiments, the frame comprises a pair of frame members disposed side by side to form a hollow cavity around the periphery of the panes and snap fasteners releasably connecting the frame members together. The cavity is filled with a foam plastic material which surrounds reinforcing elements located at the corners of the frame to rigidify the frame. In one embodiment, the frame members are hinged together to permit them to pivot relative to one another between open and closed positions about an axis parallel to the edges of the panes to afford installation and replacement of the panes. In another embodiment, the frame is molded around the edges of the panes.

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