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Articles for carrying identification

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #3965590.

An article which is to carry identification. The article has an interior backing portion and an outer window situated in front of and spaced from the backing portion to define a predetermined gap therewith, the backing portion being visible through the window and the window being formed with a slit through which a strip may be introduced into the gap between the backing portion and window. Except for the latter slit the gap is entirely closed, and the article has a portion removably carrying the above strip so that after identification has been placed on a surface of the strip the latter may be introduced through the slit into the gap so that the surface of the strip which has the identification thereon will be visible through the window. The article may have an elongated, rod-shaped configuraion and may take the form of a cue, a golf stick, a bat, a ski pole, or the like, with the structure above preferably being situated at an end region of the article which is adapted to be gripped by the user thereof.

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