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Scale with manual tare entry

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #3962570.

Improved electronic apparatus for weighing, computing a value and printing a label showing the weight, the price per unit weight and the computed value of each of a plurality of successive articles. A microcomputer is supplied with the article weight from a load cell scale and with the price per unit weight either from a manual keyboard or automatically from a commodity plate in a label printer. Tare weight is entered through a plurality of switches, each of which represents a different tare weight. When one of the tare switches is actuated, a timer is started. If a second tare switch is then pushed before a predetermined time interval is measured by the timer, the tare weight represented by the two switches are added together to obtain the total tare weight. After the system corrects for zero error, checks for scale motion, compensates for the total entered tare weight and checks various interlocks, the microcomputer computes an article value and causes a label to be printed. A digital indicator is provided for displaying the net article weight obtained from the measured gross article weight less the zero error correction factor and the total entered tare weight.

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