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Weaving method and machine

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3961650.

A method and apparatus are provided for cutting a plurality of patterned strips, suitable for labels, from a broadly woven fabric formed from threads of synthetic material on a broad fabric weaving machine. The weaving is carried out under low warp tension to produce a boxing condition and obviate weft arching. After weaving, the broad woven fabric is guided from the output of the machine at the point where the sley beats up the fabric towards the breast beam to inhibit movement in the reverse direction. This guiding is effected by passing the fabric into an undercut slot, round a bar, and out of the slot again. The guided fabric is then cut into strips and the cut edges of the strips are melted almost simultaneously to weld the same against rippling with the two functions being effected almost simultaneously by use of electrically heated wire/plate pairs arrayed across the width of the fabric according to the desired width for the strips. As a final step, the strips are heated again, in an overall manner, across the machine to relieve tensile stress variations by thermo-stabilization.

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