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Conically walled syringe providing a progressively tighter piston fit

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #3955719.

A syringe, such as used in dentistry to inject dental products, e.g. injection masses as so-called composites, cements, medicated pastes and the like into cavities. The syringe comprises a hollow cylinder, a piston axially movable in the cylinder, and a reservoir for the product to be injected. The piston fits into the reservoir which has at its front end a nozzle projecting out of the cylinder and at its back end an opening to receive the piston. At its front end the cylinder has a reduced inside diameter, so as to provide an abutment for the reservoir. The piston is removable from the cylinder so as to permit insertion of the piston into the back end of the reservoir, whereupon the piston with the reservoir attached to it can be inserted into the back end of the cylinder. Pressure on the piston forces the piston into the reservoir, so as to press the injection mass out of the nozzle of the reservoir. The use of a transparent material for the cylinder and the reservoir permits easy observation of the contents of the reservoir.

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