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Method for the manufacture of mercury free sulfuric acid

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #3954451.

A method of manufacturing sulfuric acid free of impurities such as mercury by the contact process, which comprises the steps: scrubbing the roasting gas coming out of a mist Cottrell with sulfuric acid having a concentration of 30 to 99% and a temperature of more than within one or two mercury absorption towers (the drying tower per se may suffice) or further within an additional mercury absorption tower disposed on the outlet side of the main blower; and adding a reagent such as a sulfide, a hydrosulfide compound of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, hydrogen sulfide, selenium compound, sulfur, etc., or a metal more active than mercury in ionization series, to the sulfuric acid used in scrubbing to thereby precipitate and separate the heavy metals -- particularly mercury -- contained in the sulfuric acid as solid matter such as mercury sulfide, mercury selenide, mercury metal or amalgam; thereby making it possible to utilize the resulting sulfuric acid free of impurities as the exchange acid or directly take out as an end product.

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