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Method and apparatus for liquid adhesive application

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3953275.

A method and apparatus for applying liquid adhesive to the outer surface of a stack of laminations are provided which results in more precise adhesive application. The laminations are placed on a mandrel which is mounted for reciprocal movement along the longitudinal axis of the mandrel. The adhesive is applied by roller pads which abut the laminations during mandrel movement. The direction and speed of roller pad rotation is coordinated with the mandrel speed and the direction of mandrel movement. This coordinated movement prevents lamination fanning and adhesive smear during application of the adhesive to the lamination stack. Means are provided for adjusting the rate at which adhesive is supplied to the roller pads from an associated adhesive reservoir and for adjusting the pressure with which the roller pads abut the lamination stack. These adjustments in conjunction with the roller pad applicators enable the apparatus of this invention to apply adhesive between the facing surfaces of adjacent laminations in a more precise manner so that large areas of the facing surfaces and the inboard edge of the lamination stack remain free of adhesive material. Thereafter, the stack is clamped under predetermined axial pressure, and the adhesive is cured.

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