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Selection mechanism for a postage meter

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #3949203.

This invention relates to a selection mechanism for a postage meter in which a single Thomas-type mutilated drum actuator is rigidly mounted on a hollow cylindrical drive shaft on which is also mounted the postage meter printing head, and comprises a series of selection bars lying longitudinally of the drive shaft and angularly therearound, each of which bars is set by a suitable manual positioning means, such as a selection wheel, each such bar carrying a yoke to position a driven gear of a first register to be driven by the actuator, a like series of auxiliary setting bars, each of which is rigidly yoked to the respective first setting bar and which carries a yoke for setting a register drive gear of another register of a postage meter. The main setting bar, at its forward end, is provided with gear teeth which drive a gear train that meshes with a rack carried by the actuator drive shaft to set the mechanism in the print wheel.

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