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Hydraulic linkage

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3945209.

A hydraulic linkagae for transmitting reciprocating motion comprising a master unit, a slave unit, the master and slave units each comprising a pair of interconnected rod pistons reciprocally moveable within the cylinders in opposite directions by a force applied to the pistons, hydraulic lines connecting one master cylinder to one slave cylinder for transmitting motion from master to slave, a reservoir, a pair of one-way pressure valves mounted in opposite directions and in parallel between the reservoir and each master-slave connection so that volumetric increases in the fluid in the system will be forced out through a first valve of each valve pair and to the reservoir, and volumetric decreases in the fluid in the system will draw fluid from the reservoir through a second valve of each valve pair, thereby providing volume change compensation. A two-way pressure valve comprising a housing having a pair of openings connected by a bore for passage of fluid therethrough, a pair of plungers located within the bore and biased against each other so that the first plunger is seated against the housing and the second plunger is seated against a hole in the end of the first plunger, each plunger having a chamber communicating with one opening and a passageway connecting the chamber in the direction of the other opening, so that a predetermined amount of net fluid pressure within the second plunger chamber will urge the second plunger against the first plunger to unseat the first plunger from the housing and thereby permit the passage of fluid from the second plunger chamber through the passageway into the bore, and then through a gap between the housing and the first plunger created by the unseating and out of the other opening, and so that predetermined pressure within the first plunger chamber will unseat the second plunger from the first plunger, permitting fluid to flow through the hole in the opposite direction.

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