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Compander for TDM telecommunication system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #3943466.

Amplitude samples of voice signals to be transmitted by pulse-code modulation are compared with a quasi-exponential reference voltage generated during each sampling interval while a binary counter receives a train of isochronous clock pulses, the reading of the counter at the instant of a match being stored in a memory for subsequent insertion into a message frame. Positive and negative signals are distinguished by a sign bit preceding the amplitude code; in one embodiment the reference voltage is sequentially generated with opposite polarities in successive halves of a sampling interval, the counter having an additional stage to generate the sign bit. Decoding at the receiving end is achieved with the aid of another binary counter whose output is compared with the amplitude code and, in the event of a match, causes the instantaneous value of a similar reference voltage to be sampled and stored for subsequent integration.

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