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Parachute assembly

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #3940095.

A parachute assembly in which the canopy of the chute is rolled or folded to an elongated shape with the skirt at one end and that end is folded back toward the apex of the canopy. A panel of flexible sheet material having a base portion and a cover portion is attached to the canopy by the base portion and has the cover portion folded over the folded skirt of the canopy. The suspension lines of the parachute are grouped in a rope-like bundle which is folded in zigzag fashion to releasably join the cover portion of the panel to the base portion to form the panel into a casing that snugly encloses the folded skirt. The remainder of the elongated shape is folded over the casing to form a compact bundle which is releasably enclosed in a parachute container of conventional type. The folded state of the skirt end of the canopy positively prevents inflation of the canopy until the suspension lines are fully stretched out during a parachute jump.

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