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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35894 Injection molded plastic article with integral weatherable pigmented film surface Sep. 8, 1998
RE35893 Defoaming composition Sep. 8, 1998
RE35891 Process for increasing near-wellbore permeability of porous formations Sep. 8, 1998
RE35890 Optimized offset strip fin for use in compact heat exchangers Sep. 8, 1998
RE35887 Conversion efficiency measuring apparatus of catalyst used for exhaust gas purification of inter... Sep. 8, 1998
PP10600 Dracaena plant named `Riki` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10599 Dahlia plant named `Gallery Pablo` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10598 Lysimachia punctata plant named `Alexander` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10597 Pulmonaria plant named `Berries and Cream` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10596 Osteospermum plant named `Brightside` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10595 Osteospermum plant named `Highside` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10594 Hibiscus plant named `Kona Wind` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10593 Hibiscus plant named `Light Wind` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10592 Heather plant named `Alicia` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10591 Heather plant named `Amethyst` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10590 Sugar maple `Barrett Cole` Sep. 8, 1998
PP10589 Linden tree `Halka` Sep. 8, 1998
D398134 Mailbox Sep. 8, 1998
D398133 Peripheral cabinet for NCR 587X terminals Sep. 8, 1998
D398132 Combination lawn ornament and cremation container Sep. 8, 1998
D398130 Pallet Sep. 8, 1998
D398129 Adjustable width truck ramp Sep. 8, 1998
D398128 Cart body Sep. 8, 1998
D398127 Edge supported supermarket cart cupholder Sep. 8, 1998
D398126 Manipulating apparatus for a conveyor Sep. 8, 1998
D398125 Luggage handle and wheel assembly Sep. 8, 1998
D398124 Mechanical creeper Sep. 8, 1998
D398123 Mobile workstation Sep. 8, 1998
D398122 Refuse container Sep. 8, 1998
D398121 Bag holder Sep. 8, 1998
D398120 Roll out trash cart Sep. 8, 1998
D398119 Portable spittoon Sep. 8, 1998
D398118 Wastebasket Sep. 8, 1998
D398117 Trash can with air vents Sep. 8, 1998
D398116 Environmental waste basket Sep. 8, 1998
D398115 Dust pan Sep. 8, 1998
D398114 Dust catcher Sep. 8, 1998
D398113 Polishing pad holder Sep. 8, 1998
D398112 Combined boot brush and door stopper Sep. 8, 1998
D398111 Scraper to remove food from a plate Sep. 8, 1998
D398110 Grill cleaner Sep. 8, 1998
D398109 Sweat squeegee Sep. 8, 1998
D398108 Hamper Sep. 8, 1998
D398107 Wall-mounted clothes hamper Sep. 8, 1998
D398106 Awning cleaning tool Sep. 8, 1998
D398105 Awning cleaning tool Sep. 8, 1998
D398104 Garbage disposal plunger Sep. 8, 1998
D398103 Laundry status display apparatus Sep. 8, 1998
D398102 Appliance control panel Sep. 8, 1998
D398101 Pipe-mountable valve for fluid vacuum cleaning system Sep. 8, 1998

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