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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35912 Method of installing lean-to well protector Sep. 29, 1998
RE35911 Method for predicting ink consumption Sep. 29, 1998
RE35910 Moving image signal encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus Sep. 29, 1998
RE35909 Seal housing with helical element Sep. 29, 1998
RE35908 Neutron individual dose meter neutron dose rate meter, neutron detector and its method of manufa... Sep. 29, 1998
RE35907 Adjustable base assembly Sep. 29, 1998
RE35906 Remote control floatation boom Sep. 29, 1998
RE35905 Method of manufacturing a midsole for a shoe and construction therefor Sep. 29, 1998
PP10627 Spathiphyllum plant named `Jungfrau` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10626 Longiflorum .times.Asiatic hybrid lily plant named `Ceb Charm` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10625 African violet plant named `Improved Hawaii` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10624 Aster plant named `Karmijn` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10623 Variety of apple tree Bel-El Sep. 29, 1998
PP10622 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meicobuis` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10621 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Delstribuc` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10620 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Delblacrem` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10619 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Ruikwien` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10618 Shrub rose plant named `Auscook` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10617 Shrub rose plant named `Ausky` Sep. 29, 1998
PP10616 Shrub rose plant named `JACchari` Sep. 29, 1998
D399034 Double door mailbox with one-door newspaper box Sep. 29, 1998
D399033 Lidded drum Sep. 29, 1998
D399032 Trash container cart Sep. 29, 1998
D399031 Frame for a sprayer assembly Sep. 29, 1998
D399030 Vacuum cleaner enclosure Sep. 29, 1998
D399029 Pet food dish Sep. 29, 1998
D399028 Front squeeze trigger for a fire extinguisher Sep. 29, 1998
D399027 Trimmer Sep. 29, 1998
D399026 Hair dryer Sep. 29, 1998
D399025 Cigarette extinguisher Sep. 29, 1998
D399024 Ashtray Sep. 29, 1998
D399023 Decorative panel for a chandelier Sep. 29, 1998
D399022 Backplate for a dual floodlamp fixture Sep. 29, 1998
D399021 Table lamp Sep. 29, 1998
D399020 Pendant lamp Sep. 29, 1998
D399019 Fluorescent lighting fixture Sep. 29, 1998
D399018 Adjustable lamp holder Sep. 29, 1998
D399017 Mercury vapor light Sep. 29, 1998
D399016 Lantern Sep. 29, 1998
D399015 Vehicle lamp Sep. 29, 1998
D399014 Fluted night light Sep. 29, 1998
D399013 Post base for round timbers Sep. 29, 1998
D399012 Extruded slatwall section Sep. 29, 1998
D399011 Flooring surface Sep. 29, 1998
D399010 Extruded slatwall section Sep. 29, 1998
D399009 Handrail Sep. 29, 1998
D399008 Manifold connector Sep. 29, 1998
D399007 Specimen cup holder Sep. 29, 1998
D399006 Teat cap for a bottle Sep. 29, 1998
D399005 Nursing bottle Sep. 29, 1998

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