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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D510095 Can crusher Sep. 27, 2005
D510094 Receiver unit for receiving and linking information between audio and/or video systems Sep. 27, 2005
D510093 Computer front bezel Sep. 27, 2005
D510092 Computer front bezel Sep. 27, 2005
D510091 Universal serial bus hub Sep. 27, 2005
D510090 Bar code reader Sep. 27, 2005
D510089 Keyboard Sep. 27, 2005
D510088 Display device with a moveable assembly Sep. 27, 2005
D510087 Portable electronic device Sep. 27, 2005
D510086 Holder for headphone Sep. 27, 2005
D510085 Headphone Sep. 27, 2005
D510084 Speaker Sep. 27, 2005
D510083 Beer bottle-like musical speaker Sep. 27, 2005
D510082 Mobile headset with a pivoting microphone boom Sep. 27, 2005
D510081 MP3 player Sep. 27, 2005
D510080 Cellular phone Sep. 27, 2005
D510079 Cellular phone Sep. 27, 2005
D510078 Portable telephone Sep. 27, 2005
D510077 Mobile phone Sep. 27, 2005
D510076 Multi-media DVD recording and/or reproducing device Sep. 27, 2005
D510075 Remote control for a hearing aid Sep. 27, 2005
D510074 Lighting control Sep. 27, 2005
D510073 Control panel Sep. 27, 2005
D510072 Wall-mountable control panel Sep. 27, 2005
D510071 Signal plug handle Sep. 27, 2005
D510070 Connector Sep. 27, 2005
D510069 HDMI connector Sep. 27, 2005
D510068 Patch panel for communication equipment Sep. 27, 2005
D510067 Plug retention apparatus Sep. 27, 2005
D510066 Base station for robot Sep. 27, 2005
D510065 Automobile tire Sep. 27, 2005
D510064 Tire Sep. 27, 2005
D510063 Ox cargo hinged hitch carrier Sep. 27, 2005
D510062 Fishing raft Sep. 27, 2005
D510061 Shifter handle Sep. 27, 2005
D510060 Foldable stroller Sep. 27, 2005
D510059 Bicycle frame head tube Sep. 27, 2005
D510058 Motorcycle Sep. 27, 2005
D510057 Trailer base for towed vehicle Sep. 27, 2005
D510056 Automobile body Sep. 27, 2005
D510055 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof Sep. 27, 2005
D510054 Zipper slide Sep. 27, 2005
D510053 Decorative planter with knotted rope Sep. 27, 2005
D510052 Decorative planter with rope handles Sep. 27, 2005
D510051 Surface ornamentation for an article of manufacture Sep. 27, 2005
D510050 Cut precious stone Sep. 27, 2005
D510049 Watch band Sep. 27, 2005
D510048 Saw Sep. 27, 2005
D510047 Watch bezel Sep. 27, 2005
D510046 Remote controller for vehicle security system Sep. 27, 2005

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