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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D285424 Four wheeled motorcycle Sep. 2, 1986
D285423 Class ring Sep. 2, 1986
D285422 Watch strap Sep. 2, 1986
D285421 Timer mechanism Sep. 2, 1986
D285420 Timer with compartment Sep. 2, 1986
D285419 Timer Sep. 2, 1986
D285418 Household timer Sep. 2, 1986
D285417 Combined wristwatch and toy aircraft Sep. 2, 1986
D285416 Lid for a container Sep. 2, 1986
D285415 Closure for container or the like Sep. 2, 1986
D285414 Packaging container Sep. 2, 1986
D285413 Combined food container and bottle Sep. 2, 1986
D285412 Flexible package for granulized solids, liquids or the like Sep. 2, 1986
D285411 Chimney brace Sep. 2, 1986
D285410 Fence bracket Sep. 2, 1986
D285409 Holder for irrigation tubing Sep. 2, 1986
D285408 Dual cutting device Sep. 2, 1986
D285407 Grass-shear Sep. 2, 1986
D285406 Tree drain grate or similar article Sep. 2, 1986
D285405 Bowl Sep. 2, 1986
D285404 Food mixer Sep. 2, 1986
D285403 Domestic egg boiler Sep. 2, 1986
D285402 Portable cooking grill Sep. 2, 1986
D285401 Barbeque unit Sep. 2, 1986
D285400 Vacuum jug Sep. 2, 1986
D285399 Spoon Sep. 2, 1986
D285398 Wall mounted rack for hair grooming aids Sep. 2, 1986
D285397 Liquid soap dispenser Sep. 2, 1986
D285396 Soap dish Sep. 2, 1986
D285395 Drawer front or similar article Sep. 2, 1986
D285394 Desk Sep. 2, 1986
D285393 Clothes tree or similar article Sep. 2, 1986
D285392 Combination desk unit Sep. 2, 1986
D285391 Garment hanger carrier Sep. 2, 1986
D285390 Toothbrush Sep. 2, 1986
D285389 Toothbrush Sep. 2, 1986
D285388 Football helmet buckle Sep. 2, 1986
D285387 Belt buckle Sep. 2, 1986
D285386 Belt buckle Sep. 2, 1986
D285385 Belt buckle Sep. 2, 1986
D285384 Belt buckle Sep. 2, 1986
D285383 Seat belt T-bar Sep. 2, 1986
D285382 Sandal Sep. 2, 1986
D285381 Motorcycle helmet Sep. 2, 1986
D285380 Icecream figure Sep. 2, 1986
4610033 Insulator with fiber optic communication channel Sep. 2, 1986
4610032 Sis mixer having thin film wrap around edge contact Sep. 2, 1986
4610031 Receiver including surface acoustic wave amplifier Sep. 2, 1986
4610030 Frequency modulated transmitter applicable to MF broadcasting Sep. 2, 1986
4610029 Bag to be carried in the hand and procedure for manufacturing the bag Sep. 2, 1986

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