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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T107001 Method for control of soil-borne insects employing the pyrethroid(2-methyl-[1,1'-biphenyl]-3-yl)... Sep. 2, 1986
RE32240 Self-emulsifying anaerobic composition Sep. 2, 1986
RE32239 Moving bed catalytic cracking process with platinum group metal or rhenium supported directly on... Sep. 2, 1986
RE32238 Turbine arrangement Sep. 2, 1986
RE32237 Closure pre-tightener for closure applicating machines Sep. 2, 1986
H135 Electromagnetic levitation casting apparatus having improved levitation coil assembly Sep. 2, 1986
H134 Buried junction enhanced Schottky barrier device Sep. 2, 1986
H133 Printed wiring board circuit isolator tool Sep. 2, 1986
H132 Twin-plate clutch Sep. 2, 1986
H131 Silver halide color photographic material Sep. 2, 1986
H130 Tetrafluoroethylene hexafluoropropylene copolymer modified with perfluoropropyl vinyl ether Sep. 2, 1986
H129 Modular armor support Sep. 2, 1986
H128 Jet-controlled freeze valve for use in a glass melter Sep. 2, 1986
H127 Gun tube, screw thread, sectoring device Sep. 2, 1986
H126 Random beam positioning surveillance process Sep. 2, 1986
H125 Etch and polish for metal halides Sep. 2, 1986
H124 Initiator assembly Sep. 2, 1986
H123 Self-switching electromagnetic launcher for repetitive operation Sep. 2, 1986
H122 Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material Sep. 2, 1986
H121 Quick release valve for sprinkler head Sep. 2, 1986
H120 Method of electroforming a ceramic faced workpiece Sep. 2, 1986
H119 Passive emergency core cooling system for a liquid metal fast Sep. 2, 1986
H118 Synthesized sound telephone alerting means Sep. 2, 1986
H117 Air brake with collet locked push rod and collet deactuator Sep. 2, 1986
H116 Charged particle accelerator grating Sep. 2, 1986
D285499 Horseshoe assembly Sep. 2, 1986
D285498 Pet watering vessel Sep. 2, 1986
D285497 Disposable protective mask Sep. 2, 1986
D285496 Inhalation mask Sep. 2, 1986
D285495 Mustache trimmer Sep. 2, 1986
D285494 Pharmaceutical tablet Sep. 2, 1986
D285493 Pharmaceutical tablet Sep. 2, 1986
D285492 Pharmaceutical tablet Sep. 2, 1986
D285491 Pharmaceutical tablet Sep. 2, 1986
D285490 Pharmaceutical tablet Sep. 2, 1986
D285489 Corner lamp Sep. 2, 1986
D285488 Corner lamp Sep. 2, 1986
D285487 Laboratory filter Sep. 2, 1986
D285486 Biological reaction cell Sep. 2, 1986
D285485 Refractometer Sep. 2, 1986
D285484 Medical ultrasound scanner Sep. 2, 1986
D285483 Oil-fired space heater Sep. 2, 1986
D285482 Oil-fired space heater Sep. 2, 1986
D285481 Oil-fired space heater Sep. 2, 1986
D285480 Fixture for heating and ventilating devices Sep. 2, 1986
D285479 Combined flow control valve and nozzle Sep. 2, 1986
D285478 Flow control valve Sep. 2, 1986
D285477 Combined trigger sprayer and container Sep. 2, 1986
D285476 Impact drive sprinkler Sep. 2, 1986
D285475 Pressure vessel or similar article Sep. 2, 1986

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