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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38796 Process for producing 3-amino-2-oxo-1-halogenopropane derivatives Sep. 13, 2005
RE38795 Pattern selection method and apparatus Sep. 13, 2005
RE38794 Electronic firearm and process for controlling an electronic firearm Sep. 13, 2005
PP15963 Apple tree named `UEB 3264/2` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15962 Mini Impatiens plant named `Fify Litesal` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15961 Hosta plant named `Grand marquee` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15960 Shrub rose plant named `Meiglise` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15959 Heuchera plant named `Gypsy Dancer` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15958 Nephrolepis plant named `Nr. 20` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15957 Prunus plant named `VSV-1` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15956 Climbing rose plant named `POULyc005` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15955 Hybrid tea rose plant named `Zaryellow` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15954 Variety of Sanvitalia plant named `Sumsan 01` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15953 Clematis plant named `Vanso` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15952 Chrysanthemum plant named `Nirvana Improved` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15951 Chrysanthemum plant named `Fall` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15950 European plum named `92-95-99` Sep. 13, 2005
PP15949 Chrysanthemum plant named `Kiko` Sep. 13, 2005
D509640 Kiosk for automatic teller machines Sep. 13, 2005
D509639 Fireman's crematory urn Sep. 13, 2005
D509638 Cremation urn with motorcycle gas tank shape Sep. 13, 2005
D509637 Heart-shaped keepsake urn Sep. 13, 2005
D509636 Burial urn containing a transparent material with laser-induced images Sep. 13, 2005
D509635 Portable ramp with pad and stabilizers Sep. 13, 2005
D509634 Trash bag holder Sep. 13, 2005
D509633 Upright vacuum cleaner handle portion Sep. 13, 2005
D509632 Vacuum cleaner Sep. 13, 2005
D509631 Horse saddle and tack storage/carrier box Sep. 13, 2005
D509630 Stirrup Sep. 13, 2005
D509629 Feed port for bird feeder Sep. 13, 2005
D509628 Infant mitten with teething surface Sep. 13, 2005
D509627 Torso/waist sling Sep. 13, 2005
D509626 Depilatory device tip Sep. 13, 2005
D509625 Hair fastening device Sep. 13, 2005
D509624 Soap arrangement Sep. 13, 2005
D509623 Cigarette mini-pack shell and slide Sep. 13, 2005
D509622 Lighter Sep. 13, 2005
D509621 Teddy bear lighter Sep. 13, 2005
D509620 Lighter Sep. 13, 2005
D509619 Lighting fixture Sep. 13, 2005
D509618 Lamp Sep. 13, 2005
D509617 Lamp Sep. 13, 2005
D509616 Luminaire Sep. 13, 2005
D509615 Enclosed concave frosted drop opal lens trim Sep. 13, 2005
D509614 Volatile emitting lantern Sep. 13, 2005
D509613 Chandler lamp Sep. 13, 2005
D509612 Lighting device Sep. 13, 2005
D509611 Solar powered flashlight Sep. 13, 2005
D509610 Lamps Sep. 13, 2005
D509609 Vehicle tail lamp Sep. 13, 2005

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